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amazing power spot! ! !

good Morning Everyone


Today’s story of the power spot (^^ ♪



I’m Speechless about this power spot





Because I was insensitive, I went to a place called God’s Yardashi Power Spot several times, but I never felt anything.




But this is amazing! ! !


The power of the forestis amazing. . I mean. . It’s difficult to explain


Feel the power of the earth coming into your body! ? While walking, I felt better and stronger.





It is feel like Dragon Ball power? Hahaha wwwit ’s true. . I was surprised haha






This is Our Staff, His name is Kahfi

I am studying Japanese every day so I am good at Japanese (^^ ♪

Power spot North Lombok Waterfalls! !

recommended spot (^^ ♪

it is far but worth to go there! Recommended (^^ ♪